Made for the Bitsy Snow jam.

Music Snow Wave by alright lover used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 UK.


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i love the art and the narrative is interesting- loved the skull haha i legit thought i'd get a game over!


aww ty! idk how you'd even do a gameover in bitsy :P

well just as examples- you could've put an ending around the skull so if the player gets near they get an ending thats like "oh no you died" or just like put an ending where the exit back to the previous room where you came from would be so you would get a game over instead of getting back to the path and it could say like "oh no they skull summoned the bears(?) and you got mauled" (sorry i dont remember if the game says bears or wolves >.<;;) "the bears(?) ambushed you and mauled you" ...yeah its sounding pretty grim lol but yeah that's something i was worried about when i went down that path

sorry for such a long reply ^o^;;

haha no it's cool! i'm aware it's possible i'm just probably not gonna do it myself cause it's not my style. i'm pretty lazy with bitsy lol.


yeah thats very fair ;D

this is really beautiful and enigmatic - I loved being in this world. thanks for being part of the jam! :)

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  1. Sometims... nice game